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Consider A City Edmonton Limo’s for your next function. Our limousine selection is large and we cater to wedding parties, graduations, parties, and all other types of events. Our drivers also offer value-add services including stocking the limousine with gifts and refreshments, decorating, and anything else you might require to make your limousine part of a memorable night. Our company has been operating for eight years. We take pride in having a great reputation for SAFETY and PROFESSIONALISM.

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Lisa's Limousine Blog

Limo Basics

Let’s take a break from the crazy limo stories for a minute here and get back to the basics of limousines. (I’m sure you all made your own stories during Halloween and if you did send them in!) Traditionally, a limousine is a large car with a long wheelbase that allows the rear passenger compartment to contain…


Chauffeuring the Sordid

Sometimes the money isn’t great, but the memories are. I’ve been a limousine chauffeur for five years now. A bevy of anecdotes involving the affluent, profligates, misers, thrill seekers, adulterers, and all kinds of bacchanalian prospects. The memories make me smile and cringe. Ranging from the mundane to the extreme. One day in particular stands…


My Boyfriend Didn’t Come To Pick Me Up?

I once went to the airport to pick up a girl, and I was driving a limo just because we were out of town cars. I was told she didn’t know I was going to be there to pick her up, and she seemed surprised to see me. When she asked where her boyfriend was, who was apparently supposed to pick her up, I told her he’d called our service, and I came instead. She nearly through her luggage at me and pointedly did not look at me on the way out to the limo. She even snapped at someone who held a door open for her.


Why are there no Limousine Aircrafts?

The other day I was sitting at the desk letting my mind wander, and this one thought would not allow me to go back to thinking things that have a point. Why are there no limousine aircrafts? Sure, there are luxury airplanes that run the entire gamut from “has a mini-bar” to “is actually a…


Ironic Limousine Rental Turns into Very Real Addiction

So, I was asking this one driver if he ever gets regulars, the way some stores do. I’ve had my share of retail experiences and have always had regulars who have added a significant amount of weird stories to my repertoire. Here is a story this driver told me: “A little while back I was…


Will a Limousine Ever Make it to the Moon?

The other day I overheard the guys talking. They were saying something about how long it would take to drive a limousine to the moon. I tried desperately not to allow this conversation to get in my head, but it did. I started thinking on similar lines. I often imagine alternate uses for things, and…


Limousine Underground Tales: Limousine Street Racing

I heard this from one of the drivers the other day. Allegedly, there is this entire subculture of limousine drivers who get together at strange hours of the night to race their limousines. This particular driver was explaining the proper etiquette to me as I listened in bewildered fascination. “You can’t just join. You need…


What is the Next Colour for True Luxury?

What is the Next Colour for True Luxury? Don Delillo said many contemporary limousines are white because black ones are so common they are no longer spectacular, and therefore invisible to the spectator. That means they are not flashy enough to communicate true luxury and decadence. That got me thinking: what would be the successor…


Guest Blog: Sandra’s Limousine Story

So, a couple years back I was the maid of honor in my girlfriend’s wedding party. I was tasked with finding a limousine company to escort us around during the proceedings. I called this one company which will remain nameless, and they arranged to send a car for a “test ride” to try and upsell…


Awkward Proposal and Quiet Ride

One of my customers informed me that he was about to propose to his girlfriend. The thing is, they have only been dating for one month. One. Single. Month. It was a hot day and the windows were open when we pulled up to his girlfriend’s place. I could tell it was a rather tense…


Guest Blog: My Limo Story by Jane

Back it 1997, I decided to do something a little bit different to celebrate my birthday. So, after weeks of finding out the different options, I finally decided to go with a limo company to take a small gathering of friends into town. I had never used a limo service before, and I always thought…


A Discrete Driver

When you drive a limo, sometimes you have to be careful with the social aspect of the job. For example, I had a regular client for a few years. We would always pick up the same girl, which was his girlfriend at the time. After a while I got to know him a little bit,…