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Lisa's Limousine Blog

One Ring to Bond Them All

I am sure we have all seen or at least heard of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit before, right? How would you react if you saw a parade of people dressed up as Lord of the Ring characters? You see elves walking down the street, hobbits, trolls, everything magical and fantasy, dressed…


I Meow Pronounce you…

Typical Saturday and Joe knew it would be busy because earlier in the week his boss had told him that he was hired for a wedding today at noon. It was odd, Joe was instructed to pick up the bride and drop her off at the local dog park, why on Earth would a bride…


Love Is As Love Does

Driving a limousine exposes the driver to many different personalities on a daily basis.  The best part of the job is the daily surprise of meeting interesting and fun individuals.  Some days, however, are a little more eventful than others. A driver I used to work with shared this story with me a few years…


Is That Who I Think It Is?

“Jack” was driving the limo that night when the call came in. There were a bunch of ladies out on the town celebrating the bachelorette party of their good friend. Jack knew what the word bachelorette party meant — drinking, crazy ladies, and wild times that no one will ever speak of again. Of course, he was down with all that.


Always a Wild Time at the Stampede

Bulls, chaps, cowboy boots and lots of good ole’ fashion fun, that’s what you got during this year’s Calgary stampede. It was a beautiful day for the Stampede and Paul decided to surprise his long term girlfriend, Jackie by renting a limo for the trip to and from the event. Paul decided to get one…


A Modern American Wedding

As you all know, the U-S of A has finally caught up with us loving Canucks. As soon as marriage equality was made legal in the States, I started begging my contacts for an early story on how the Limo business took part.   Tom and Dan had been together in a partnership for about…


One Marriage Begins as One Ends

Martha and Tom have been waiting months for this wedding; it was Martha’s college roommate and her fiancé tying the knot on that warm July day. Tom decided to rent a limo to take Martha and him to and from the wedding and reception, that way there would be no worry about how much they…


The Limo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I’m a mathematician and not ostentatious in any way, so that when I heard about my uncle’s graduation present to me, I should have said no. But you know how it is, you never like to disappoint family, so against all my better judgement, I decided to accept.


Who Let The Dogs In?

Animal lovers and pet owners can be pretty crazy when it comes to their pets. In fact, in most cases when you ask a pet owner about their pet they refer to it as a part of the family or a fur baby. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but where do you draw the line between cute pet owner and obsessed pet owner?


A Bride, A Groom and a Chimp

Over the last 10 years, wedding ceremonies turning into something which is more about show business and bad taste rather than a holy sacrament. For many couples, the wedding ceremony is only one of two times that they will ever see the inside of the church and they feel that a little bit of showbiz…


The Tale of the Haunted Limo

We have all heard about haunted houses, farms, hotels, caves, but have you ever heard the story of the haunted limo? I didn’t think so, the limo is a normal looking limo a 1995 model with all the bells and whistles available the year it was manufactured. No one really knew the story of the…


Born Into Luxury

Sure this story sounds like it will be something about a spoiled Kardashian or Hilton kid, but the truth is much, MUCH better. It was the perfect Saturday. The sun was shining, there was a warm breeze coming off the coast, you couldn’t ask for a better day to have a wedding. The limo pulled…