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Consider A City Edmonton Limo’s for your next function. Our limousine selection is large and we cater to wedding parties, graduations, parties, and all other types of events. Our drivers also offer value-add services including stocking the limousine with gifts and refreshments, decorating, and anything else you might require to make your limousine part of a memorable night. Our company has been operating for eight years. We take pride in having a great reputation for SAFETY and PROFESSIONALISM.

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Lisa's Limousine Blog

Close Call

It isn’t always practical to stay professional when you are driving someone that you are attracted to. Especially when they offer to sit up front to keep you company. It was such a night where I found myself driving through the darkened countryside, taking a well-known celebrity out to a rural wedding reception. Darkened countrysides…


The Non-Driving Limo Driver

A great little story that I heard when at a convention in the States. I wonder if she still gets away with it?   I never learned to drive. Yes, you heard me: I am a limo driver, and I never learned to drive. There is a real art to driving when you don’t know how…


Just an Ordinary Day

Eric had an interesting client a while back. He got the call that his limo was being rented out for the whole day and not just the usual pick up and drop off, and that he was to pick up a woman from her home at 10 in the morning. When he showed up, his…


An Unholy Alliance

One of the challenges of driving a limo is navigating a vehicle designed for the comfort and anonymity of its passengers through alleyways designed only to hold garbage cans and line cooks on a smoke break. You see, not all clientele want to be dropped at the front entrance, with all of its roominess and…


Sexy Senior Sexcapades

I quite like old people. Not to have sex with, but I do find them entertaining company. Until last week, that is, when I had the misfortune of picking up a couple of couples, weighing in at what must be 7000 years total. It all starts off well enough – we make idle chit chat,…


A Glamorous Reunion

When I pull up to the apartment building I’m expecting another set of well off, older clients. The destination is one of the swanky hotels in the city, the ones you usually see all those dressed up couples at as they attend fundraisers and galas and world class business dinners. I drop a lot of…


One Ring to Bond Them All

I am sure we have all seen or at least heard of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit before, right? How would you react if you saw a parade of people dressed up as Lord of the Ring characters? You see elves walking down the street, hobbits, trolls, everything magical and fantasy, dressed…


I Meow Pronounce you…

Typical Saturday and Joe knew it would be busy because earlier in the week his boss had told him that he was hired for a wedding today at noon. It was odd, Joe was instructed to pick up the bride and drop her off at the local dog park, why on Earth would a bride…


Love Is As Love Does

Driving a limousine exposes the driver to many different personalities on a daily basis.  The best part of the job is the daily surprise of meeting interesting and fun individuals.  Some days, however, are a little more eventful than others. A driver I used to work with shared this story with me a few years…


Is That Who I Think It Is?

“Jack” was driving the limo that night when the call came in. There were a bunch of ladies out on the town celebrating the bachelorette party of their good friend. Jack knew what the word bachelorette party meant — drinking, crazy ladies, and wild times that no one will ever speak of again. Of course, he was down with all that.


Always a Wild Time at the Stampede

Bulls, chaps, cowboy boots and lots of good ole’ fashion fun, that’s what you got during this year’s Calgary stampede. It was a beautiful day for the Stampede and Paul decided to surprise his long term girlfriend, Jackie by renting a limo for the trip to and from the event. Paul decided to get one…


A Modern American Wedding

As you all know, the U-S of A has finally caught up with us loving Canucks. As soon as marriage equality was made legal in the States, I started begging my contacts for an early story on how the Limo business took part.   Tom and Dan had been together in a partnership for about…