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Consider A City Edmonton Limo’s for your next function. Our limousine selection is large and we cater to wedding parties, graduations, parties, and all other types of events. Our drivers also offer value-add services including stocking the limousine with gifts and refreshments, decorating, and anything else you might require to make your limousine part of a memorable night. Our company has been operating for eight years. We take pride in having a great reputation for SAFETY and PROFESSIONALISM.

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Lisa's Limousine Blog

The Bridezilla and Her (Almost) Ruined Wedding — Part Three.

OK folks, here it is —  the end of a tale of a Bridezilla, the chicken king, and waffles.   The control I had lost over everything else manifested itself in a full force attempt to secure the safety of my perfectly pressed reception dress.  I laid it over my lap as I tried to…


The Bridezilla and Her (Almost) Ruined Wedding — Part Two.

And we continue the awesome story of my friend, an admitted Bridezilla — and her rather unusual wedding day.   The crowd was already starting to dissipate in a chaotic jumble of guests hurrying to their own cars in an attempt to avoid sitting in a traffic jam heading to the beautiful Hotel MacDonald.  Their…


The Bridezilla and Her (Almost) Ruined Wedding — Part One.

A friend of mine (who is an aspiring writer) shared the story of her wedding with me. I was so captivated that I asked her if I could share it here. Luckily she said yes.   Like any bride, I already had pictures of rings and wedding dresses cut out of hundreds of wedding magazines…


A Mothers’ Day Surprise

This is a career where you meet strangers each and every day, it’s a part of the job that keeps it so alive and fresh. Being a limousine driver has been a luxurious privilege for me, as I have seen and experienced fun, emotionally charged and downright crazy people. While most of the stories we tell…


Limousines for Funerals

When people think of limousines they usually envision things like bachelor parties, graduation events, weddings, and other celebrations for life’s huge milestones. However, there is another side to the limousine business that is much more somber – limousines for funerals. Why would you get a limousine for a funeral? Well, when someone close to you…


Electricity-generating Tires

Although electric cars and especially electric limousines are rare, there is no doubt that they are part of the future of the transportation industry.  As much as we love paying for the gas that goes into our limousines (we don’t), it would sure be nice to forgo the gas station and simply plug that baby…


The strangest passenger I ever drove

You’d be surprised what kinds of stories a limo driver ends up collecting after fifty years of chauffeuring. I recently retired, but I’m thinking about putting together a collection of tales from my limo. I had a lot of rides that were boring. I would take mid-level celebrities from place to place. I went to…


A Valentine’s Limo Suprise

One of my biggest blessings came from the back of a limousine last Valentine’s Day. My day started off kind of sucky, because I had to work Valentine’s Day. I pulled a long shift working at a busy department store, watching men rush in and out with bouquets of flowers, teddy bears, cards and other…


Valentines Date Ideas

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day even more special then why not consider hiring a limousine? A limousine offers the ultimate in luxury and it will help to create a memory that will never be forgotten; f you are looking for some ideas on where to go on your Valentine’s Day date, this…


The world’s most expensive Limos

Limousine hire is an affordable luxury that many of can indulge in once in a while, however, some limousines will always remain outside of our reach due to the sheer costs involved, but we can all dream so here is a look at some of the world’s most expensive limos. Range Rover Black Sometime ago…


No Kisses for the English

Mr. Big Brain was the weirdest customer I ever had. He didn’t look at me too much at the start. I didn’t mind. He was a small unattractive man with a rather large and unruly moustache. He definitely did not get more than a furtive glance from me. However, as we rode in silence, he…


3 Crazy Limos

Most of us have heard of limousines and we know that there are standard limos, stretch limos, and even Hummer limos. But, what you may not know is that there are some very crazy limos out there and they are awesome! Let’s take a look at some of the most wild and crazy limos that…